​​Your Appointment:

​Buckeye All Stars values your time and will make every effort to arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible.  However, do to circumstances beyond our control such as weather, traffic or illness it may be necessary to arrive beyond your scheduled appointment time or to reschedule.  If we should need to be more than 60 minutes later than your appointment time or should need to reschedule for any reason we will try to contact you via one of the contact methods we have on file that you provided on your intake form. 
​Please note that your appointment time is not guaranteed but rather an estimate.  Actual arrival is dependent on several factors which may include but are not limited to traffic, distance between the previous customer and you, and occasionally inclement weather.  We may need to adjust arrival time due to these factors.  If we can forecast this arrival prior to your appointment day we will contact you to advise of the change in schedule time. ​ Arrival windows may be up to an hour before or after your appointment scheduled time.  Appointments scheduled outside of our listed business hours can not be guaranteed for any reason, if we schedule you outside of business hours please be aware that your appointment still falls within our arrival window of up to an hour before or after that appointment time.


​Appointment Types:

​Recurring Standard Service:  This service is generally not timed and is from start to finish based on our standard cleaning work list.  This service has a recurring schedule type of Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Tri-Weekly, Monthly.
​Recurring Timed Service: This service is timed and based on the time purchased or an hourly rate and depending on the time purchased or hourly rate will be worked off the standard cleaning checklist.  This service also has a recurring schedule type of Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Tri-Weekly, and Monthly.
​One Time Cleaning: This service varies based on the package purchased and will be worked off either the Standard Cleaning Checklist or The Move In/Out or Deep Cleaning Checklist.  Appointments are based on availability; special availability requires additional fee.
​Voucher/Coupon, Third Party Cleaning:  Buckeye All Stars Cleaning may offer promotions via third party vendors (i.e. Groupon, Living Social).  These vouchers offer a promotional price and are only covered under the ​Basic Cleaning Checklist​ you may ​NOT​ ​use these for Move In/Out or Deep Cleanings and they cannot be used towards payment on Move In/Out or Deep Cleanings.  Scheduling on Third Party Voucher/Coupon cleanings are strictly limited to availability.  If you purchased a Third-Party Voucher/ Coupon and require a Move In/Out or Deep Cleaning or a specific schedule date/time that is not available on our online scheduling you will need to purchase your cleaning directly from Buckeye All Stars Cleaning and retain the Third-Party Voucher/Coupon for a later date within the time or before the expiration date of the voucher/coupon.  We will not honor third party voucher/coupons for more than the cash value beyond the expiration date per fine print on voucher/coupon.  Please refer to the Third-Party Website for Terms and Conditions.  Buckeye All Star will not issue a refund for a Third-Party Voucher/Coupon, you will need to contact the Third-Party Vendor website for their Terms and Conditions and refund policy.  All refunds from Third Party vendors are the responsibility of the Third-Party Vendor (We do not receive payment from the Third-Party Vendor until such time as the voucher is redeemed on the day of your appointment). 
​Commercial/Office Cleaning: These cleanings require a signed agreement / bid on file and terms will be laid out on the agreement.


​Buckeye All Stars Cleaning is not responsible for valuables.  Please remove all valuables before the arrival of our crew.  Valuables left out on the day of our cleaning will be documented and if customer present will be notified, if not home the day of service will be documented on our checklist and documented via photograph or video and customer will be notified via one of our communication types we have on file.
​If you have breakables or valuables we will clean around but will not move them and we are not responsible for damage.  Please remove breakables from shelves you would like cleaned or we may not be able to clean the area they are occupying.



​​Payment is required the day of service for all cleanings except Commercial / Office and payment will be based on your contract agreement terms.  All other cleanings are required to be paid the day of service.  Payment can be made via Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card.  If you will be home the day of service we will be happy to accept any of those forms the day of service.  If you will not be home the day of service payment must be Cash or Check and must be left on the Kitchen Counter, if you need to pay via Credit or Debit Card you must pay no later than closing 5pm the day before​ your appointment.  If our team arrives and payment is not on the Kitchen Counter then we will contact you via one of the communication types you gave on your intake form.  If we are unable to reach you to receive payment via Credit / Debit card then your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule.  You have 48 hours from the time of appointment for your payment to be processed, if payment is not received or processed within 48 hours you will be accessed a $25 late fee due before you are allowed to schedule any further appointments.

​If you pay using a check and your check is returned due to insufficient funds you will be responsible for the amount of the service in addition to a return check fee of $40.


 Sick Policy:

If you or your children get sick with a contagious illness (i.e. the flu, a cold, pneumonia, chicken pox etc.) please call and reschedule your cleaning. Even though we disinfect your house, it is possible that we might transport germs to the next house or become sick ourselves. And to be fair to all of our customers we prefer to wait until you are well again. On our end, we may call in sick as well to protect you and your family.


​The day of service we require entry to complete your cleaning.  If you will be home or have someone to allow entrance to your home we greatly appreciate it.  Should you not be available to be home the day of your service we are happy to enter via your preferred method.  At your discretion, you may give us access via a temporary garage code, or Key left in a secure location.  **Please note: Buckeye All Stars Cleaning is not responsible for homes left unlocked or Keys hidden to provide entrance to your home. ** 

It is not necessary to be at home while we're there cleaning. If you have an alarm, make sure we have the key code so I can disarm the alarm when I arrive, and set it again when we leave. We need to know where you keep your house key.


​Employees of Buckeye All Stars Cleaning are under contract and may not be solicited for cleaning outside of Buckeye All Star Cleaning.  Should you want to hire an Employee of Buckeye All Star Cleaning you may do so after compensating Buckeye All Star Cleaning a training and recruiting fee of $2500.  Otherwise, Buckeye All Star Employees may only offer cleaning employed through our company.  

If there is a problem with the cleaning you must notify us within 24 hours to report.  Failure to do so indicates to us that the cleaning was acceptable and we will be unable to make any corrections.